Capture Your Grief Project 2016 

Day 1 -Sunrise Dedication As I begin this month of capture your grief, I decided to pick a word that reflects what I have learned from Mallory’s life and our loss. That word is grace. It is fitting that it was her middle name as she taught me so much more than I ever knew about what it means to give and live in grace. She loved so unconditionally. She never allowed where someone was (sad,mad, happy or otherwise) to keep her from sharing that love. And in her death, I’ve lived some seriously tough days. My ability to extend grace has grown exponentially because I know all too well that often we just don’t have a clue what someone is going through that we do not see. Some people’s actions and choices are a mystery to us and I really strive to let my heart make room for the good, the bad, the tremendous and the disappointing things people do and say. Because I feel strongly there is room for all of us in this world. Therefore, I try to make room for all of us in my heart. 


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