Capture Your Grief Project 2016

Day 4- Support Circles 

The ladies pictured, wow, I could never adequately explain how important they are in my life. These two are more than just my friends and perhaps that’s why they often don’t get the recognition they deserve from me. I consider them more my sisters. We have been bonded for more than thirty years. Without them, my life would be less filled with love. I know I can call either one of them anytime of day or night and they would patiently listen or gently calm me. They get angry for me when needed. They let me cry and scream. They let me sit quietly when I’m out of words and broken down. They always love me through whatever I’m living without judgement or question. I have many friends that deserve recognition but these two women deserve more than recognition, they deserve more than I could ever truly give them in return. Our hearts and lives are forever intertwined. 


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