On October 18th, 2013 we rushed down the highway towards Arkansas Children’s Hospital with a child that we knew was very sick. Never did we think that this car ride would be our last car ride as a family.  Our daughter, only four, went into cardiac arrest in the car on the way to the hospital. Not fully understanding what was happening, I pulled her from her car seat and began CPR as my husband drove us down the highway at a rapid speed. Her father literally ran her through the emergency room doors and into the arms of the doctors, nurses and staff at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. The staff at ACH tried for over thirty minutes to save her life. They were unsuccessful.  Unfortunately, the kid we thought was just sick with strep throat was actually suffering from Lymphocytic Myocarditis, a virus that attacks the heart.  Often referred to as the “silent killer”, it stole our precious four year old from us just thirty three days before her fifth birthday.  In the days following her death we were left reeling, totally lost, yet trying to find a way to put our feet on the floor and take steps forward.  Just getting out of bed and getting dressed was a feat.  We were living a nightmare knowing our sweet Mallory was gone.

The thought of your child having a birthday that you don’t get to celebrate with them is nothing short of excruciating.  To combat the sadness of her not being here, we realized we needed to do something truly special to celebrate her.  On the day of her funeral, we lit a pink sky lantern that a friend had given us.  It was such a beautiful way to honor her soul- pink, glowing light, floating up to the heavens.  It was a physical representation of her very spirit.  Thus, the idea for LOVE LIGHTS FOR MALLORY was born.  In preparation, we ordered over 65 pink sky lanterns and sent them out around the state of Arkansas and beyond.  We sent lanterns to Colorado, California, South Carolina, and Louisiana.  The overwhelming way our friends and family responded by wanting to participate made that day not painless, but bittersweet and beautiful.

This year, we hope to have even more people participate in LOVE LIGHTS FOR MALLORY.   Please feel free to join us.  If you care to send up a lantern, you might like to order from the same vendor we did: www.justartifacts.net .  In fact, here is the link to the exact item I ordered: http://www.justartifacts.net/wirefree-eclipse-pink-flying-sky-floating-lanternkongming-light.html

Keeping the spirit of our child alive is so very important to us.  She was a joy and a light. We want to make certain we always honor and acknowledge the good she brought to our lives and to the world. If you participate, THANK YOU.  Also, take pictures and send them to us! We will gladly receive them in any format you choose to use: social media, snail mail, email, text message. etc.  We don’t care how you send them, just send them!  If you share your photos on social media, please use the hashtag #lovelightsformallory so that they can be seen by anyone who searches for them.  Feel free to include stories about your experience.  Sky lantern fail stories can be quite entertaining.  We also (with your permission) will post the photos on this website for those people who do not use social media.   Kindly email your images to: lovelightsformallory@outlook.com

Thank you all for the love and the support.  We look forward to the pink glow on November 21st.


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  1. I love that these are the bamboo, biodegradable lanterns too. You’ve been so conscious not only in each word of your beautiful story, but in your every choice to honor her love of nature too. I love you, Lynn!


  2. You two are amazing parents and people. I was extremely fortunate to witness the wonderful, loving, adventurous life you provided for your precious daughter. It didn’t seem possible to be grumpy around Mallory. She’d put her big smile right in your face, radiating warmth to melt even the coldest heart. She lived every moment of every day to the fullest, which is a great lesson to us all. I know you’re hurting, and always will be, but your strength and resilience is an inspiration. Love you guys. Happy Birthday Mallory!


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